Most Beautiful Beaches in South UK 3

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Most Beautiful Beaches in South UK You Don't Miss 3

In the south of the UK, many famous and most beautiful beaches and coastal towns are worth visiting. Whether you want free relaxation, taste fresh oysters, explore the Jurassic coast rockfall, visit the white cliff, or study surfing. The following video you should not miss even if you plan to set foot or not.

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The most beautiful beaches to enjoy fresh oysters.

Kent is located in the southeastern part of the UK. It is the warmest and sunniest place in the UK. In July each year, the average temperature is about 21 degrees Celsius, the record is the hottest at 38.5 degrees Celsius, the average sunshine is about 213.7 hours, and there are only 7 rainy days. In addition, Kent is also a famous dog-friendly city. Many hotels, restaurants, and beaches welcome dogs to enter, allowing you to spend a vacation with your dog.


The striped beach huts on these most beautiful beaches are still rated as one of the best seaside resorts in the UK. Stones may make your feet uncomfortable, but the water is lovly, which is a win-win for people who don’t like shoes and sand. In terms of the attraction of Whitstable more than this wonderful beach, the most famous thing in Whitstable is oysters! The oysters are so hot that the local area even celebrates the well-known “Whitstable Oyster Festival” every July.

Due to the nutrient-rich seawater, Whitstable’s seaside provides an excellent environment for oysters to grow. Therefore, the oysters that breed here are large and juicy, and “Whitstable oysters” have also become EU-protected products. Visitors can try a variety of ways to eat raw oysters, whether it is steamed, grilled, baked, or eaten raw with sauce, every way of eating here is believed to bring you unlimited surprises! But in addition to raw oysters, lobster is also one of the highlights of many local restaurants. How to eat seafood at an affordable price depends on how you allocate the cost of each meal! There are also holiday markets, the smartest way is to mix and match so that you can eat well and eat well.

Most Beautiful Beaches in South UK 3


Dungeness may not be your ideal postcard-perfect beach, but it is a wonderful place to explore the wilderness. It shows the surreal conflict and harmonious art between nature and people: industrial power stations tower over protected wildlife reserves, but anglers, artists, and ornithologists make pilgrimages to this bizarre landscape. This is a quiet place where the coastline stretches for miles, where you can picnic and watch common terns or dive or fish. The nearby Fish Hut offers fresh catches and cold drinks, and if you climb the 140 steps to the top of the old lighthouse, you can see the most beautiful beaches and a lot. The sea here is not for swimming, but ask a local for directions to ‘the Long Pool’ in the forested area known as ‘the jungle’ – it’s not on any maps.

Most Beautiful Beaches in South UK 3 ROMNEY MARSH

Where to eat at Kent

The Whitstable Oyster Company

Address: Horsebridge Road The Royal Native Oyster Stores

The restaurant is named after Whitstable Oyster, oysters and lobster are the favorites here.

The Whitstable Cake Company

Address: Church Street, Whitstable CT5 1PJ England

The atmosphere is great and the staff are very welcoming. Great food and excellent service, sandwiches and cakes are delicious. Everything is fresh, with curdled cream and jam, scones and English breakfast tea bags.

Angela’s Seafood Restaurant

Address: 21 The Parade, Margate CT9 1EX England

The Michelin restaurant in Whitstable. Beautifully cooked fresh fish and delicious vegetables, grilled mackerel and celery fried sauce are perfect, and the fish is delicious with mussels and clams. Davenport’s natural English wines are the perfect match here

The Old Kent Barn

Address: The Old Kent Barn Smersole Farm, Swingfield CT15 7HF England

It provides an ideal combination of value, comfort and convenience. It provides a series of romantic environment designs for travelers who like you.

Guests can enjoy free breakfast during the visit. The rooms provide refrigerators and free internet access. For convenience, the hotel also provides free parking for guests.


Kent- Garden of England

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The Garden of Londoner –Sussex

Sussex is also in the southeast of England and has similar weather to Kent. Brighton and Hove is the back garden of Londoners. There are beaches with waves hitting the rocky shores, alleys with various amazing specialty shops, unforgettable gourmet restaurants, and historic palaces, as well as Sussex’s most famous Seven Sisters Cliff ( Seven Sisters).


One of the top attractions for the most beautiful beaches near London, and one of the most deserted beaches on the South Coast, with superb views of the Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs. At low tide, adventurous people can explore the coastal areas east to Birling Gap, or explore sea caves west. If you are exploring the lower cliff area, be aware of the water flow at the mouth of the river and the return path that will be cut off by the tide when the tide is high.



West Wittering Beach is another one of the most beautiful beaches located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, at the entrance of Chichester Harbour. It is a wide sandy beach. West Wittering attracts people from all over the South Coast and is especially popular among windsurfers. The low tide brings hope to a shallow lagoon and creates a blank canvas for the sandcastle. A piece of grass is perfect for a picnic behind a beach hut by the edge of the beach.


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Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is the most beautiful beaches in the UK. It is a pebble beach with certified Blue Flag water flowing through a 4-mile-long promenade, which is suitable for all seasons. It is often referred to as the back garden of Londoners, and it does not take an hour to arrive from London, so it is also known as the beach of London.

The waters may be cool, but they are popular in swimming and water sports (such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and wakeboarding). Every summer, sand is imported to accommodate the volleyball court.

There is a Victorian pier nearby, as well as traditional open-air markets, cafes, restaurants, fish and chips, and beach clubs. Next to the pier is the Sea Life Center, which dates back to 1872, and it may be the oldest aquarium in the world.

Street performers near the seaside fishing area enhance their entertainment with ice cream or strolling performances at the dance party. Brighton Beach is a short walk from the town and shopping street. There are paid parking lots and regular bus services nearby.

The seaside hosts the winter solstice celebrations in December each year, followed by the annual New Year swimming. There are many homemade paper lanterns and lantern-making workshops, if you want to do it yourself, they are definitely welcome.

Brighton Beach
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Where to eat and stay at Brighton

The Witchez Photo Design Cafe Bar


The restaurant is beautifully decorated, atmospheric and intimate in a unique and quirky way. The walls are full of pictures of happy people from all over the world. The unique menu is influenced by the experiences and menus of Poland, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. There is nothing better than it in Brighton!

The food is superbly prepared by an amazing chef, and the service is very friendly and attentive.

The recommended food is Swiss cheese fondue-a traditional Swiss dish that originated in the Alps. It is placed on a large plate, and a small candle is placed under the shelf to keep the whole process warm. At the same time, you can use a marshmallow fork to dip various fruits and other things into the hot melted cheese!

If you want this dish, this dish needs to be prepared by two people and has to be pre-booked.

The combination is perfect.

Surshark VPN

The Brighton Shellfish & Oyster Bar

Address: 199 Kings Road Arches The Fishing Quarter Brighton Beach, Brighton BN1 1NB England

A snack shop near the beach, selected fresh seafood, including the most delicious oysters. The staff is friendly and the selection of sauces is abundant.

The Charm – Brighton Boutique Hotel

Address: 20-21 New Steine, Brighton BN2 1PD England

Charm Brighton Hotel & Spa is a new luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Brighton. This hotel provides designers with traditional-style accommodation. The recent renovation project has transformed this 200-year-old building into a stylish modern hotel with a reassuring classic atmosphere.

A Room With A View

Address: 41 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1PE England

Luxury rooms with exquisite sea views are available, from rooftop balcony rooms to roll-top baths and monsoon showers.

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