The best 4 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel

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This is always incredible experiences in Mexico travel. There are the most beautiful hidden beaches and amazing surfing paradises. The ultimate adventure travel of the national park and unforgettable scuba diving experience. As long as you like adventure travel, There is the best 4 adventure list you will never be disappointed.

What you have to do to start your incredible experiences is your travel visa, there is a new way to get your visa with easier and more fun!

Incredible Experiences in The Ultimate Hidden Beach

Marieta Islands are a group of uninhabited islands located about 35 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The boat ride takes about an hour. It is famous for its breathtaking scenery, wildlife, amazing hidden cave beaches, and travelers’ incredible experiences.

The protected Las Islas Marietas National Park attracts tourists with tranquil nature and wildlife. For nature lovers, there is nothing more perfect than this! You can choose to take pictures here, kayaking, snorkeling, bird watching, scuba diving, stand-up paddling, or a quick yoga class. You can see dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful fish all year round, while humpback whales appear in the bay during the months from December to March. They may appear on your way to the island and the island.

If you like snorkeling, this is the perfect place! Travelers can snorkel on the coral reefs to a depth of approximately 8 meters, providing you with a spectacular view of underwater life.

For photo lovers, the hidden cave beach is more attractive to adventure travel lovers. They can’t resist swimming to Playa de Amor, a secret beach hidden beneath the ground. These hidden beaches are often called Hidden Beach. They can easily be mistaken for a natural sea cave, but they are actually the result of military test target practice in the early 1900s. The boat usually stops about 70 meters away from Hidden Beach, and you have to swim to get there.

Ships to the Marieta Islands depart from Puerto Vallarta. You can directly flight to Puerto Vallarta’s International Airport (PRV). There are coaches to Puerto Vallarta from Mexico City or many cities in the United States. If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose to enjoy your unique travel by cruise.

Recommended restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

Mark’s Bar & Grill, don’t miss this restaurant in Bucerías when you come to Puerto Vallarta. This restaurant with more than 30 years of history serves the famous seafood pasta of shrimp, fish, mussels and scallops, lobster soup with tomatoes and pasta; grilled Filet mignon with scallop potatoes; and drink house margarita. Don’t miss the lamb chops, inspired by Benton’s memories of his hometown.

Mark’s Bar & Grill: Bucerias, Riviera Nayarit,Mexico 63732.

Puerto Vallarta visitor information

 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel

Incredible Experiences With the Surfing Paradise

San Pedrito Beach, or Playa San Pedro or Playa las Palmas Pescadero, is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is a quarter-mile long crescent-shaped expansive beach. One of the most picturesque spots in the Pacific Ocean that definitely bring you incredible experiences. It is surrounded by reed lagoons and palm tree coastlines. There are various small animals in the lagoon, which is well worth a visit.

This is definitely an incredible paradise for surfers, every January is the best time to visit. At this time, most of the northeast wind was blowing, the sea was clear, and the waves were stable. Due to the constant impact of the waves, the brown and white sand has irregular shapes. If you want to swim here, you should pay attention to the wind and waves and strong currents. Even experienced swimmers may be exhausted. Please observe clearly before entering the water.

If you like to explore, find an abandoned pasture nearby. Remember to bring enough food and water, apply sunscreen, there stay away from any convenience stores.

Keep going north and you will reach the amazing long beaches in the Todos Santos area. These beaches are great! It’s important to know that if you are a fan of the Eagles, Todos Santos, located on the highway north of the beach, maybe the original of the legendary Hotel California.

If you really decide to go, it is recommended that you leave earlier because the beach will be closed at 6 pm. To get there, you can only drive by yourself. Turn left from Todos Santos Campo Experimental and walk along the dirt road until you reach San Pedrito Beach.

Recommended restaurant in Todos Santos

Enjoy a farm-to-table experience in an amazing environment with the atmosphere of the Sierra Laguna Mountains and Rancho Pescadero Organic Garden in the background. The name of this restaurant is Garden Restaurant, which focuses on fresh seasonal ingredients. It has a Mexican flavor but has an international appeal. You will find the Garden Restaurant to be both relaxed and delicious.

Todos Santos : Camino a la Playa S/N, Pescadero,23300 Baja California Sur , Mexico

 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel

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Incredible Experiences With the Ultimate Adventure Trip

Matacanes takes canyoning to the ultimate level and there definitely makes you an incredible experience. It is one of the best water canyons in Mexico or even in the world! The entire route is about 12 kilometers long. Here you can also challenge rope descents, beautiful caves, underground rivers, many waterfall jumps, natural slides, and countless screams! For this reason, it is considered a great natural water park! It takes 8 to 10 hours. it also requires taking risks and some physical labor and risks, so it is a must to join a local tour with a certified tour guide. They have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to make this adventure very interesting and safe.

Starting from the top of the mountain, put on all the equipment, and life jackets. There must be enough food and water in your backpack. After about 45 minutes of walking, You will hear the sound of water, first come to a waterfall about 2 meters high to jump. If this has made you excited or scared, the cold river water will calm you down. Then came the 27-meter high rope descent, where you might imagine yourself as the Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

After passing the second rope, you will enter a huge cave, where you must climb some rocks and jump off the cliff in the dark. Fortunately, you can’t see the whole picture because it is at least 5 meters high! Moving on is a natural water slide. After more swimming, diving and sliding, you come to another cave, which is more like an underground tunnel, a shallow, long and dark tunnel, where you can only The light seen at the end.

Finally, you will come to the highest jump of Matacanes Canyon. It is 12 meters high, how high is 12 meters? It’s about a little bit higher than the 4th floor. Standing there, you will feel the heart beating so fast, the adrenaline soaring, the stomach feels very weak, you overcome the fear finally, bend your knees and push forward, you raise your arms, and you did it! So excited! You really know what is incredible experiences now! Then, you had to climb to the top of the waterfall again. That feels great! Turquoise water, crystal springs, underground rivers, waterfalls, stunning landscapes, natural cave formations, jumping, swimming, sliding, and abseiling make Matacanes Canyon an extremely unforgettable trip.

The best time to travel to Matacanes Canyon is spring beginning on March 21 and ending at the end of August or early September, but it all depends on the rainy and hurricane seasons. Residents of Potrero Redondo, Las Adjuntas and Nuevo León Civil Protection check the river level every day.

Matacanes Canyon is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range east of Santiago, a half-hour drive from Monterrey. You can drive to Santiago from Mexico City, or take an inland plane or take a 14-hour long-distance bus to Monterrey.

Recommended restaurant in Santiago

LA CASA DE DONA INES is the best traditional Mexican restaurant for food, seafood and meat in San Diego town. A good place to have lunch/dinner with family or couples, choose to dine in the old house or in the beautiful garden. Overall very good food.

Mexico Bus Services

 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel

Incredible Experiences With Ultimate Scuba Diving

This is definitely the ultimate paradise for diving enthusiasts! I guarantee that you will have an incredible experience there, you will complete 80% or more of your adventure list here. To start your 10 days of incredible experiences trip, board the boat to Revillagigedo Islands in Cabo San Lucas. The Revillagigedo archipelago consists of four islands: San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida and Clarion. Socorro is a volcanic island and the largest of the four volcanic islands, so some people use the name Socorro instead of Revillagigedo Islands.

It took you almost 30 hours to reach the first island of the archipelago, San Benedicto. When the first rays of sunshine hit the sea, your amazing adventure begins. Sleepy sharks, manta rays, schools of fish, lobsters, you can even hear the loud sounds of lobsters hitting rocks or each other, It may be more than twenty in the groove cracks. You won’t even care about sharks anymore. May be curiosity, they will keep hovering at a safe distance and watching you. There are also schools of Jack Fish, lionfish, and manta rays in groups.

SOCORRO is home to many rare and endemic plants and animals. The ecosystem there is very weak and the populations of manta rays and sharks are extremely precious.

In 1994, the government declared the entire area a marine protected area. Here you will experience a spectacular dive. The school of fish forms an endless curtain, and you can hear the dolphins’ communication. A small group of them may appear from the depths and join your team, nudge their heads, and even give you a kiss. A manta ray passes over your head and it is completely still! Manta rays sleep most of the day and night. Even so, their instincts will pay attention to the changes around them at any time, with a slight danger. They only need to flap their wings and disappear, as if they had never appeared before, like a phantom.

Roca Partida is the smallest of the four islands in the archipelago but also the most spectacular. It looked like a broken tooth, but the huge part is underwater, its wall dropping down more than a hundred meters. It is a gathering place for all marine life. Hundreds of sharks, manta rays, yellowfin tuna, humpback whales, whale sharks, lobsters, and sea wolffish regularly visit here.

Your diving guide will tell you that the seabed around the rocks is filled with various diving equipment: lights, cameras, masks, etc. The currents around the rocks can be very powerful and dangerous. They can even drag equipment parts and people into the deep vortex, so you must be very careful when driving.

You will find that attempts to swim against the current or grab a rock are futile. All you have to do is wait for the next underwater wave and ride it, so everything becomes easier. You will become almost superhuman, you can easily swim up to a hundred meters with just a few strokes of your fins. In fact, it becomes easier, it becomes fun, and it feels like waltzing with the sea.

Dancing with sharks and fish, the current takes us in one direction the rock. In a few days, there are hundreds of sharks around you, and you will find that you have never been attacked by any sharks. The huge black manta ray spreads its arms up to 7 meters and glides over your head like a group of huge UFOs, and each manta ray has its own escort. If you are a scuba lover, there must in your adventure list.

Boats bound for the Revillagigedo Islands depart from Cabo San Lucas, The International Airport will greet cities in the United States and another main city of Mexico.

 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel
 incredible experiences in exciting Mexico travel

Recommended restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

El Farallon at the Waldorf Astoria has a postcard-like setting, hidden on the rocky seashore, allowing guests to enjoy the orange sunset. Because the fish is fresh every morning, the menu changes every day, but you can still rely on “Baja bounty”, a mixed barbecue option that may include sea bass, red snapper, yellowfin tuna, and prawns at an affordable price.

El Farallon : Cam. del Mar 1, Pedregal, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico

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