Best Bahamas Travel Destinations to Visit 2022

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The Bahamas travel is an absolute paradise for the outdoor lovers. The Bahamas consists of 360 islands in the Caribbean Sea, each of which is surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. ! Of course, the Bahamas’ international foods are indispensable. At the end of this video, we will introduce how the Bahamas travel industry reopened to the outside world after experiencing COVID-19. How to apply for the Bahamas Health Visa that travelers must have. Friends who are interested in going to the Bahamas, please read it to the end!

The Beautiful Sandbar , Exuma Cays, Bahamas Travel

Exuma Cays is a collection of 365 islands in the southern part of the Bahamas. Most people know that Exuma is the most remote and secluded area in the country, and the island is located in the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This oasis is only 80 miles from the tourist center of the Bahamas, the capital Nassau. Fly to Exumas and you will land at Staniel Cay Airport in half an hour, and Thunderball Grotto is only 5 minutes away from the airport.

The Mile-Long Sandbar

It is named after a mile-long sandbar, and it has several other names: Musha Cay Sandbar, Copperfield Sandbar or Big Farmer’s Cay Sandbar.

The amazing thing about this sandbar is that the water is only knee-deep. You can walk into the ocean for miles and hunt for some excellent shells, conch shells, starfish, stingrays, schools of fish and sea slugs! Of course, the clear water will definitely help our search.

Mile-Long Sandbar

Compass Bay

Although swimming with sharks may seem scary in Bahamas Travel, they are actually cool. The nurse shark is a predator with slow-moving at the bottom and likes fish, shrimp, and squid. They do have very small but strong jaws, but they will only attack defensively if they are stepped on or disturbed.

Please don’t let fear hinder the adventure, you will have a very good time!

Thunderball Grotto

There may be the famous spots for Bahamas Travel. This island was used as a filming location for James Bond007’s film and is an underwater cave system suitable for the entire family. Here you can snorkel, dive, wade, or sit and watch the exotic marine life.

The exterior of this limestone island is surrounded by the beautiful Bahamian blue water. If you like rock climbing, then climbing the walls on the inside and outside of this rock formation is also fun and truly blends into your heart. But its interior is what really matters! A huge sacred cave with holes in the ceiling, the sun shines through, illuminates the cave, hundreds of colorful fish swimming below, which is why everyone stops at noon.

Snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto Exuma is great. Explore underwater caves and thriving underwater ecosystems. The exotic fishes and colorful corals under the naturally lit caves in the sea are special things. Here you will find all kinds of marine life, so be sure to bring your underwater camera and snorkeling equipment.

Thunderball Grotto 3

Pig Island-The funny day trip of Bahamas Travel.

A short tour from the Thunderball Grotto is the most popular attraction in the Bahamas travel: Pig Island.

Close to the millennium bug, many locals in Exuma worry that if the online system is down, there may be problems with the food supply of these pigs. Therefore, some people decided to send some pigs to nearby islands for breeding.

Later, people came to the island every day to feed and care for pigs. Pigs are smart animals powered by food. They eventually began to associate the sound of the ship’s engine with dinner. Soon, the pig began to stand in the sea waiting for food. To the surprise of the breeder, the pigs finally began to swim to the boat.

Photo by form PxHere

Snorkeling is incredible

The water in Exuma is very clear, and you can wear goggles and snorkels wherever you want. Among colorful fish, sea slugs, sea turtles, starfish and sharks, your snorkeling adventure will not have dull moments.

Long Island and Eleuthera

Hidden among more than 700 Bahamas, Long Island has colorful blue waters and lush greenery. This island offers the seclusion and perfect beauty that few islands today can provide. The 80-mile oasis is only a 45-minute flight from Nassau. This is the best way to enjoy this hidden paradise in your wonderful Bahamas Travel.

Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean’s Blue Hole is a favorite place for adventurers. This 663-foot deep blue hole is the second deepest blue hole in the world! The deep blue abyss is amazing and the water is crystal clear. You don’t need to wear goggles to see the fish swimming boldly towards you. You can do scuba diving here, but it is best to do it with a partner. If you want to buy some equipment on the way to Dean’s Blue Hole, snorkeling and scuba diving rental services are available for tourists at the deli and coffee shop along the road.

The blue hole on the island does not have obvious instructions to pay more attention to, just a simple blue painted wooden sign marking the road to the blue hole. There is no spacious parking lot, no entrance fee, and everyone can visit this world-class attraction for free.

If you don’t like the blue cave, but you have family or friends who want to go, there is a beach nearby for you to visit.

Dean’s Blue Hole
TubeBuddy 1

Hamilton Cave

This is the largest cave system in the Bahamas, dating back to the Lucaya Indians who called the cave their home in 500 AD. Five species of bats, lizards, soda crabs, crickets and cockroaches live in Hamilton Cave. Thick tree roots hang from the opening of the cave, and smooth stalactites continue to form from the steadily dripping saltwater in the cave. You need a guide to get inside.

Lighthouse beach

If you are looking for an island away from Nassau, Eleuthera Island is your best choice. Hitchhiking on Eleuthera is a common thing, and you will often see locals hitchhiking from strangers. The entire island consists of one main road, which also explains why free-riding is so common.

You can see stingrays and other underwater wildlife at Lighthouse beach. There is even pink sand here!

Glass Window

The Glass Window is one of the coolest attractions on the island. On one side of the road, you will see the Atlantic Ocean, and on the other side is the Caribbean Sea. There is also an air hole here, near the light blue clear water on the side of the road.

Glass Window

The Capital of the Bahamas Nassau.

Nassau is located in New Providence, the capital of the Bahamas, and the country’s largest city and commercial and cultural center. The Atlantis Resort Center on the paradise island east of Nassau is a world-famous tourist attraction.

Versailles Gardens

Versailles Gardens is located on Paradise Island, overlooking the port of Nassau.

Stay away from the beach and visit the historic garden, where there are sometimes strong waves. It is an ideal place to visit and a good place to watch the sunset.

The garden is usually not busy at all, if you like that kind of stuff, this makes it a great Instagram photo spot!

Parliament Square

Parliament Square is a great place for tourists to visit the old buildings of Nassau. In many places in the Bahamas and other Caribbean countries, most houses are painted in bright colors. On almost any inhabited island in the Bahamas, you will see a large number of pink and other light-colored houses.

Queen’s Staircase

Queen’s Staircase is Nassau’s main landmark. Also known as the 66 steps, it is the most direct route from Fincastle Fort to Nassau City.

Bahamas Nassau Queens Staircase panoramio

The West Side National Park

The West Side of Andros has one of the most unique pristine ecological and ecologically diverse habitats in the Caribbean. This 1.5 million-acre national park covers almost the entire west side of Andros Island. Within these boundaries is an extremely complex ecosystem, with vast and scenic wilderness, attracting tourists from all over the world. These pristine coastal wetlands are the most productive fish nurseries in the Bahamas and are foraging areas for West Indian flamingos.

The shoals and mangrove streams of The West Side National Park are mixed together, providing important nursery habitat for economically important bony fish and silver carp. It has been internationally recognized and is one of the best flat-bottom fishing areas in the world.

In addition to national and international protected species such as the Andros rock iguana, Atala Hairstreak butterfly, West Indian flamingo, small-toothed sawfish, and sea turtle, this national park also provides a refuge for endemic and endangered species populations.

The coastal areas of the park are highly productive, and traditional farms for sponges, squama, land crabs and large lobsters are preserved.

Best Yummy Foods of the World.

The Bahamas are famous for their fresh seafood, but they also have some other specific delicacies that you need to make sure to try. The following are some of Nassau’s specialty products:

Peas and Rice

A famous side dish in the Bahamas, it is made with brown peas. Every meal will have this. It is very delicious and mild.

Rum Cake

It is not necessary to be a rum lover to enjoy this delicacy, although they do contain wine and can be very strong. There are dozens of them. I tried coconut, banana and chocolate, they are all great!

Rum Cake

Guava Duff

This is one of the most popular desserts in the Bahamas, wrapped in battered puffs.

Mac N Cheese

Although this is a basic food for children in the United States, it also happens to be a specialty of the Bahamas. You will notice a slight difference here. It is a square baking pan with some spices in it.

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Transportation and Health Travel Visa

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There are hundreds of small islands in the Bahamas, and you must take a plane or yacht to reach the island you are about to reach. Ferries and boats are cheaper options to travel to different islands, especially those that are close to each other. To move around the island, I recommend taking a bus (approximately USD 2/2 BSD) or cycling to nearby places. Some hotels provide you with bicycles, or you can rent them. The advantage of cycling is that you can explore the surroundings.


After experiencing the terrible COVID-19 epidemic, countries are working hard to recover their economies. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Bahamas has formulated the following travel and entry agreements to ensure that the Bahamas becomes a safe and clean destination that everyone can enjoy. Please browse the official website before departure to ensure compliance with the latest entry requirements. If you want to know more about how to apply for a health visit, please visit.

Bahamas Travel Health Visa for COVID 19 Application 2022, or

Bahamas Travel Health Site
Island of Bahamas

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