10 Best Places forge The Most Beautiful Mexico Travel.

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The historical culture and diversity of landforms of Mexico make it one of the most unique attractions in the world. Mysterious mountains and rain forests, white sand and crystal clear water beaches, lush waterfalls and hot springs hanging on the cliffs, exciting nightlife, or colorful huts built on the mountain, all make Mexico an incredible tourist destination. So, where are the best places in Mexico? I think you should better experience it!
There are many best places in Mexico that will worth you put away your camera, forget your phone, and take you through an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Best Places for Cenotes visiting, Valladolid

Valadolid is one of the best places to visit cenotes because there are more than 6000 Cenotes in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With so many cenotes, it is difficult to choose which Cenote to go to in a limited journey, Suytun Cenote, stands out among all Cenotes.

One of the reasons that Suytun cenote is such a unique Mexican attraction, one of the best places of cenotes is that it is just below the highway. Suytun cenote is completely underground, and the only light entering the cenote comes from the opening in the ceiling. At the right time, a light shines on the sidewalk, and even novice photographers can shoot beams that resemble aliens.

Suytun Cenote is about 2 hours away from Cancun and Tulum. Many tourists choose to participate in a travel agency, which means you need to ride a car with other people. If you are interested in filming the location without any participation, please try to rent a car to go alone. The entrance fee to Suytun Cenote is 70 pesos (approximately US$3.50) per person, and the cenote is open to visitors at 9 am.

Best Places for Cenotes visiting, Valladolid

Best Places of Natrual Pool, Oaxaca

Hierve El Agua is located on the top of a mountain. It is famous for its mineral formations, petrified waterfalls and cliff-side infinity pools, offering spectacular views of the distant mountains and the valley below. The beautiful scenery and colorful minerals of Hierve El Agua make it one of the best places for photography locations in Mexico.

Hierve El Agua is about 1.5 hours drive from Oaxaca. Many tourists take taxis, tour companies accompanied by guides, or public transportation. If you can choose to rent a car, it will be the most flexible way to travel, especially when shooting sunset or sunrise. The entrance ticket to El Agua Island is 25 pesos per person per day. If you need to camp to take sunset and sunrise photos, an extra 40 pesos per person.

Hierve el agua Oaxaca 01

The Best Places for Cave Driving, Tak Be Ha Cenote.

The incredible Tak Be Ha Cenote is the most beautiful hidden gem in Mexico. It is only a short drive away from its more popular sister, Cenote Sac Actun. Although they all have similar characteristics, such as low-hanging stalactites and turquoise water, they are rarely visited due to lack of publicity. Despite the high cost of travel, Takhaha is still Mexico’s best place hidden in the Tulum jungle.

Tak Be Ha cenote is a short drive from the Tulum beach area. The road to Tak Be Ha cenote is a bit rough, but it is totally feasible. In order to avoid driving and parking, many people also choose to ride a bicycle from Tulum, which takes about an hour. The entrance fee for Tak Be Ha cenote is 200 pesos ($10) per person and includes snorkeling and swimming in the refreshing cenote water. Compared to other more visited caves in the area, this is one of the cheapest caves, but it is also amazing.

The Best Places for Cave Driving, Tak Be Ha Cenote.

Best Places to Swim at Waterfall, Tamasopo.

The Tamasopo region is one of Mexico’s most scenic but popular destinations. Tamasopo is located in the La Huasteca Potosina region, giving you the opportunity to have incredible experiences in the rainforest waterfalls, jungles and turquoise rivers. From hidden campsites to secret caves, this area can be called Mexico’s best secret gem. To get there, you need to travel through some remote mountains, so it is necessary to hire a reliable vehicle to get there. The nearest airport to Tamassopo is San Luis Potosí International Airport, about 3 hours away.

There are not many international tourists entering Tamassopo, so it maintains the most original and beautiful scenery that’s why there also one of the places to hike in Mexico. You can expect very low prices for locals, so for just a few dollars, you can enter waterfalls, campgrounds, and incredible parks

Best Places to Swim at Waterfall, Tamasopo.

The Best Places of Lagoon, Bacalar.

Bacalar Lagoon is also one of the best places for vacation in Mexico. The water is too blue to compare with the Maldives, moreover, there are 7 different blues here! It takes 5 hours to drive from Cancun to Bacalar, which prevents most people from visiting it, which is why it is still one of Mexico’s inaccessible destinations. However, if you are already planning to go to Tulum for a holiday, you will not regret spending a day or two days going there.

To reach Lake Baraka, the best option is to rent a car, but unfortunately, distance is the main obstacle. You can take public buses from Tulum to Baccarat, the most famous and most popular bus company is ADO. There are several ADO buses from Tulum to Bacalar every day. Bacalar’s ADO bus terminal is only a 20-minute walk from the lakeshore.

The center of Bacalar is easy to reach because you can reach almost everywhere on foot. If you plan to take the risk a bit, you can rent a bicycle from your accommodation (usually free) or from one of the rental shops (about 150 pesos). If you are traveling by car, you can find free parking almost everywhere in the center of Bacalar.

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The Best Places of Lagoon, Bacalar.

The Best Places in Tulum, PARADISE BEACH

Tulum is the best of the best places for a relaxing beach holiday in Mexico. The lack of large hotels and chain restaurants makes it one of the cutest beach towns in Mexico. Tulum is full of white sand beaches, beach hammocks, swings, and palm trees. Tulum is not only one of Mexico’s best resorts, but also a magnet for cute photography. Paradise Beach in Tulum has the title of the most beautiful beach in the world, with white snowy sand and crystal clear water. In addition, the seaside pyramids and the lizards that can be seen everywhere are also some of the highlights.

Tulum is 3 hours away from Cancun Airport. Many hotels provide shuttle buses to take you there, and public transportation runs very frequently.

The Best Places in Tulum, PARADISE BEACH

The Best Swimming Places, Balandra Beach

Mexico is famous for its beautiful pristine beaches, but one of Mexico’s best attractions is the beautiful Balandra Beach in Baja California. Balandra is located in the suburbs 17 kilometers north of La Paz. It is one of Mexico’s relatively few beaches visited by international tourists. The white sands, crystal clear waters, and perfect swimming conditions The relaxing natural scenery is loved by the locals. In most areas of the beach, the water only reaches knee height. You can walk from one side of the bay to the other, how amazing is that?

The capital, Mexico City, has multiple flights every day to La Paz Manuel Marques de Leon International Airport (LAP), and it only takes 45 minutes from La Paz city center to Barra de la Beach.

The Best Swimming Places, Balandra Beach

The Best Places for Flamingo, Las Coloradas.

Beginning in 2016, Mexico’s Las Coloradas Pink Lake has become popular on INS and Weibo, making people curious and yearning. Las Coloradas’ spectacular pink color is due to the high concentration of salt, microorganisms, and sunlight.

The intensity of the color changes according to the position of the sun’s rays, allowing us to appreciate various colors, from yellow and orange to pink that represent that color. Along the river leading to Lagartos (Rio Lagartos) through the mangroves and close to Pink Lake, there are one of the best places to see the flamingo. From August to March of the following year, the American flamingos live When vacationing on the Yucatan Peninsula, they take off and land together, eat together, chat together, or put their heads in their wings and stand upright on one leg and fall asleep together.

Here, you can also make yourself a Mayan bath, which includes visiting the mounds that are said to be good for the skin, while natural minerals can moisturize and soften the visitor’s dermis.

Pink Lake is only more than 3 driving hours from Cancun, enough time to go back and forth in one day. Las Coloradas is a part of the salt factory and belongs to private land. There used to be no tickets. Now it costs 50 Mexican pesos to hire a guide to enter.

The Best Places for Flamingo, Las Coloradas.

The Best Places of Romantic, Guanajuato

Guanajuato, a small city located in the northwest of Mexico, is located in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico, about 370 kilometers northwest of the capital Mexico City, with an average elevation of 1,996 meters. Guanajuato was built along the river valley and was repeatedly damaged by floods.

In the colonial era, the method of flood control was to raise the position of the bottom of the building and build large drainage tunnels in many places in the city, but the floods were never cured. It was not until the 1960s that engineers built dams and redirected the river’s water to underground caverns to control the flooding. The drainage tunnel, which was leftover from that year, was later converted into a tunnel for pedestrians and vehicles, which became a major feature of Guanajuato and helped Guanajuato to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

In Mexico, buildings in many places are built with bright colors, but no city has the ultimate color like Guanajuato. It is called the city of colors. In the small town of Guanajuato, there is a kissing alley that is more romantic than in Paris, where even the air is a passionate “hormone”, and it has become a must for lovers all over the world. According to legend, as long as a couple is in Kissing Alley, you will live a happy and complete life for the next 15 years.

Primera Plus’s bus service runs from Mexico City to Guanajuato. The bus is a deluxe seat, like an airplane business class, with a personal LCD (but only in Spanish), a toilet on the bus, and a bottle of drink and snacks before boarding the bus.

The Best Places of Romantic, Guanajuato

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